Dama de noche (2012)

DAMA DE NOCHE (2012) -  THE FIRST SOLO ALBUM RELEASED BY  ANDRIUS . It reflects both, his early free form instrumental compositions and growing interestin flamenco guitar. "Dama de Noche" involves unique threads of world music- slavic, latin - american, flamenco. Recorded between Spain and Colombia,  this album features other musicians, such as, Juanmi Guzman (contrabass), Javier Teruel (cajon), Felipe Montoya (drums), Victor Hugo (Percusion).






"Occo Duo" – a group that pioneers flamenco guitar in Lithuania, consists of Andrius Masilionis, and Jonas Kublickas who is the initiator of lute performance in contemporary Lithuania. Their project "Confero de Música" reflects the latin meaning of the word "confero": "unite". This CD connects the charm and charisma of Spanish melodies and the gracefulness of Baroque and Renaissance music. From the blending of these styles "flamenco & barocco", the name "Occo duo" was derived. The two musicians invite you on a tour of the exclusive and virtuosic sound of renaissance lute, flamenco and baroque guitars.